Our Evergreen Mission

Together we can make it better. 

Our mission is simple: #SPREADTHEGOODNESS to the whole Philippines and Mother Earth.

We discovered a small way how everyone can contribute in preserving our environment, in promoting our tourist destinations and empower families all over the Philippines to choose a better and safer way of caring towards their loved ones and their homes.

The Evergift Bundle

The Evergift Bundle is a gift from you, to the families of our farmers, fishermen and local tourism partners,  every time you buy the Evergreen Essentials Bundle. 

When you buy the Evergreen Essentials Bundle, We will be shipping, for FREE, and in your behalf, ( you're now a hero! ) another Bundle called "Evergift" to families of our hardworking fishermen, divers, tourist guides and other marginalized Filipino families living along our country's coastal shores such as Islands in Coron Palawan, Beaches in Zambales and Batangas and Malapascua Bay in Cebu! 


Don't be surprised if you get a small token of appreciation from your Evergift Beneficiary Family - After all, they are getting Evergreen Bundles every time you buy a bundle for you family! 

Learn more about the Evergift Bundle and How it works HERE

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