The Evergift Bundle


The Evergift Bundle is a gift from you, to the families of our farmers, fishermen and local tourism partners,  every time you buy the Evergreen Essentials Bundle. 

When you buy the Evergreen Essentials Bundle, We will be shipping, for FREE, and in your behalf, ( you're now a hero! ) another Bundle called "Evergift" to families of our hardworking fishermen, divers, tourist guides and other marginalized Filipino families living along our country's coastal shores such as Islands in Coron Palawan, Beaches in Zambales and Batangas and Malapascua Bay in Cebu! 


Don't be surprised if you get a small token of appreciation from your Evergift Beneficiary Family - After all, they are getting Evergreen Bundles every time you buy a bundle for you family! 


What is the Evergift Bundle?

The Evergift Bundle is a FREE item included in your Evergreen Home Care Essentials Bundle. 

What is in the Evergift Bundle?

  1. Kilo of Evergreen Natural Detergent Powder
  2. Dengue Control - Mosquito Larvae prevention Spray 
  3. All Purpose Solution (Optional)

Who receives the Evergift Bundle?

Once you purchase the Evergreen Essentials Bundle we automatically ship an Evergift bundle to a new beneficiary family.

Will they know that it came from ME?

Standard procedure is to tag the Evergift bundle with your Name, your general location and your email. So they know who to thank for their Evergift!

Remember, to them an Evergift from a family in the metro can be life changing. 

You have the option to withhold basic information about you from the beneficiary family, and the donation would be anonymous. 

What is a Beneficiary Family?

A family that receives the Evergift Bundle - once for a single transaction, monthly for a monthly subscription to the Evergreen Essentials Bundle

Who are Beneficiary Families?

Our local partners and LGUs  (local government units) identify exceptional families and individuals who will be recipients of our "Evergift" bundle. The family must have an active family member in these criteria:

  1. Local Farming - small scale farmers
  2. Local Fishing - fishermen
  3. Local Boat Men - owners of boats used for transportation or tourism
  4. Local Tour guides
  5. Local Instructors
  6. Local Divers

How many beneficiary families can I have?

Once a family has been chosen to receive your Evergift, they will continue to receive Evergift bundles from you everytime you avail of The Evergreen Essentials Bundle. Get a MONTHLY subscription and make significant impact in their lives!

What are the impacts of the Evergift bundle?

The beneficiary families are most likely poor families, with only one member of a family at most having a high school education and have a daily salary of half the minimum wage. The ironic thing here is that these families collectively are contributing to the economy by 8.2 percent! Only a very small percentage of those Billions trickle back to their immediate environment to positively affect their quality of life.

The answer is LOTS!

  1. They get to have non toxic products! 
  2. They get to save monthly and redirect those savings to education and food
  3. They get to feel good and secure! A simple gesture may encourage positive repercussions for the entire community
  4. Accidental child poisoning in households may be reduced to 80%
  5. Hospitalizations and treatment expenses from potential diseases and disorders brought by long term exposure to hazardous substances may be lowered to 50%
  6. Reduction of harmful waste water seepage into the environment
  7. Evergifts may serve as incentives for better work performance or community output

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