Evergreen Homecare Essentials bundle

Evergreen Homecare Essentials bundle

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CHOOSE FAMILY SIZE FOR CONTENT QUANTITIES : Powdered Laundry Detergent - Evergreen Liquid Detergent -  dishwash - All purpose solution  

Premium Non Toxic Cleaners made from highly effective cleaning agents and natural enzymes derived from rotting fruits and decaying plant matter. ( That may sound a bit icky but don't worry we only extract the enzymes! ) Cleans and eliminates odor by destroying cell wall membranes of harmful bacteria in surfaces, fabrics and your skin. Everything you need for a cleaner and safer home for you and your family.

Non Toxic - Hypo Allergenic - Economical - Germ Destroying - 100 % biodegradable


When you buy this Evergreen Essentials Bundle, We will be shipping, for FREE, and in your behalf, ( you're now a hero! ) another Bundle called "Evergift" to families of our hardworking fishermen, divers, tourist guides and other marginalized Filipino families living along our country's coastal shores such as Islands in Coron Palawan, Beaches in Zambales and Batangas and Malapascua Bay in Cebu! 

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Don't be surprised if you get a small token of appreciation from your Evergift Beneficiary Family - After all, they are getting Evergreen Bundles every time you buy a bundle for you family! 

Delivered to your doorstep for free. LGU's, local partners and Evergreen makes sure that your "Evergift" reaches the families of our hardworking fishermen. You will receive a tracking number and confirmation email for your "Evergift".